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On this page I have linked a few free promo tracks for your listening & downloading enjoyment, and also some sites which sell my music. You can listen to my presently released albums at iTunes, Beatport & Bleep (<- more LSP93 releases). My last album 'No Reasons' is only available at iTunes at the moment but I can advise you to buy your MP3s there. There are also a few clips & songs on Youtube (not just the ones on my 'Videos' page) so roam the internet and see what you can find! For tips & comments you can mail me at highwaymusic79[at]gmail.com (no spam or flaming please). One last tip, if you really want to appreciate the music I make I advise you to make use of a good set of speakers or headphones, it makes a world of difference. Having said that, have a very HiGH time! Enjoy!

Go to the webstore to buy 'handmade' cd's directly from HiGH-WaY!

All cd's include jewel case, album artwork & cd artwork

or buy the MP3's here (I prefer buying music at iTunes):





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